The Road

Pam and I holding the front tire as we pack Matt's bike

Sierra Cascades Bicycle Tour

Published on September 9th, 2016 | by Matt Emerson

So starting September 12th we are going to be hitting the road and touring the Adventure Cycling Sierra Cascades Route! If you want to follow along with us visit our website at! -Matt... Read More

The Road

A woman on a fully loaded touring bicycle rides in front of Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

How Often Should You Shower on Tour?

Published on April 28th, 2015 | by Pam Emerson

Floating around the web is a BuzzFeed article about how often you really need to shower: How Often You Really Need to Shower (According to Science).-Rachel Wilkerson Miller January 12, 2015 I read this article and ... Read More


Yellow fields in background, green fields in foreground, mountains in the distance

3 Ways to Consolidate Your Gear on Tour

Published on March 26th, 2015 | by Pam Emerson

Thinking of going on a bicycle tour? Each time we go, we find new ways to streamline our gear list. Here are three tips for how to multiply the uses of your gear on your next ... Read More


A woman stands with her Co-motion touring bicycle

Gear Review: Brooks Flyer S

Published on March 19th, 2015 | by Pam Emerson

My first touring bicycle came with a Men’s Aged Brooks B17 saddle. Even though not designed for a woman, I quickly (after about 200 miles) became used to the saddle, and continued to ride it for ... Read More


Matt's Co-Motion Pangea Rolhoff in Metallic Black.

Co-Motion Pangea Post-tour Review

Published on March 12th, 2015 | by Matt Emerson

About a year ago I purchased my Co-Motion Pangea after an exhaustive search for the “dream” touring bike. Post-purchase I decided that a break-in tour was needed, to put the bike to the test. We began ... Read More


Southern Alps mountains reflected in Lake Pukaki

Hydration and Touring

Published on February 23rd, 2015 | by Pam Emerson

It’s very important to stay hydrated throughout all aspects of your life. Some people think that lack of adequate hydration is the reason for many health problems. While the scientists are still trying to piece it ... Read More

The Road

Teal blue Lake Pukaki and snow capped mountains

Lost in Translation: Kiwis say it otherwise

Published on February 19th, 2015 | by Matt Emerson

For our first tour outside the United States, we decided to make things easier by traveling somewhere with a common language. We had read about New Zealand’s beauty, the friendliness of its people, and how pleasant ... Read More


Yellow floor tire pump

Gear Review-Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump

Published on February 16th, 2015 | by Pam Emerson

An essential item for any lover of riding bicycles is a tire pump. We’ve already talked about our favorite hand pump. However, it’s a good idea to have a floor pump handy as well. With a ... Read More

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