Gear Review: Brooks Flyer S

My first touring bicycle came with a Men’s Aged Brooks B17 saddle. Even though not designed for a woman, I quickly (after about 200 miles) became used to the saddle, and continued to ride it for several thousand miles. I even moved it to my second touring bicycle when the time came, as that bicycle came with a foam padded saddle that hurt my butt after about 5 miles of riding, and I never could get used to it. Now, with my third (and probably final) touring bicycle purchased, I had to make a choice. Do I move my B17 to the new bike? Or do I try out a new saddle? Well, I decided to go with a new saddle, and so far I’m not regretting that decision. I continued with Brooks, opting for the Women’s Flyer S. I’ve ridden a couple hundred miles so far (*update-a couple thousand miles, still no regrets), and plan to use the saddle on all tours in the future.

Women's specific Brooks Saddle Flyer S
Brooks Flyer S


  • Shorter front to back (about 5cm less than the Men’s B17), which is a better fit for me.
  • Springs-takes some of the road bumps away
  • Slightly thinner leather top compared to the aged B17 that I’ve come to love.
  • “Special” version has hand hammered copper rivets, which add a nice look.
  • Quality Brooks Saddle, well made, and made to last.


  • Leather top needs proper care.
  • As with most Brooks Saddles, takes a certain amount of time to “wear in.”
  • While I have not experienced this, some people complain the springs squeak.

For women the saddle specifically made for you is simply a shorter version than the men’s. Initially I was concerned about this length difference but find that it fits my smaller bicycle well and doesn’t have any negative impact. In all, I’m very pleased with the quality and look of the saddle, as well as the fit and comfort. If you’re in the market for a new saddle, try a Brooks. Take care of it, and it could be the last saddle you ever buy!

Disclaimer: The above contains my opinions only. I have not received any compensation for this review. This review is for informational purposes only. I have not been in contact with the manufacturer.