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Who are bicycle tourists?

“Bicycle touring. That’s something I could never do.”
“ You guys are so lucky that you’re young; it’s a good thing you have no kids.”
“If my life was different, maybe I’d think about it.”

We heard it a thousand times on our recent tour. Whenever we would talk to someone about our journey, the person would tell us that there was no way they could do what we were doing. As if we were some sort of superheroes or something. But that’s just not the truth. The fact is, there’s nothing special about us. We were simply out there riding our bicycles.

Honestly, if you want to tour, you can tour. It may not look exactly the same as the way we tour, and you may not ride as far each day (or you may ride further, we’re kinda slow), but it doesn’t matter. Literally anyone can get out on a bicycle and have a great tour. Our goal is to help you have the most enjoyable tour by passing on some of our knowledge to you.

What does a bicycle tourist look like? We’ve met many bicycle tourists over the years. Old people, young people, and everyone in between. Groups, singles, couples, parents with kids. Super athletic or just beginning a fitness journey. The only thing that seems to matter is motivation. If the person decides to tour, they can tour.

Why would anyone want to tour? Why not? If you’re reading this, you’ve heard about touring somewhere, or you have met someone or know someone who’s done it. Most of them are not certifiably crazy, right? In fact most of the bicycle tourists we’ve met are very grounded in reality. There really is something deeply fulfilling about packing everything you need to live onto your bicycle and using your own muscle power to move it from one place to another. Even if you ride with a partner or in a group, no one can ride those miles for you. You have to do it all yourself. All it takes is determination to keep going, meeting all the challenges and adversity that comes at you day after day.

Bicycle touring is so simple. You get up, eat, ride, eat, ride, and live. It is so rewarding, knowing at the end of the day that you did it. You accomplished something that is solely your own personal accomplishment. Not too long ago (we’re talking just over 100 years) pioneers walked across the United States as they moved west in search of a new life. When you’re on a bicycle tour you are following in the footsteps of those pioneers, forging your own way. You can see the lay of the land as they did, enjoy the wide open spaces and the freedom to go anywhere! So, give it a try. What are you waiting for?

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is an avid bicycle tourist who enjoys sharing her love for bicycling with all she meets.

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