Santini Women’s Fiery Short Sleeve Jersey Review

I recently purchased a Santini Fiery cycling jersey (size Small), and wanted to share my experience and thoughts about this jersey. The manufacture Santini designs and produces their clothing in Italy. The description provided for this particular model describes it as a “short sleeve jersey for women in a soft fabric with Resistex Bioceramic thread”. The fancy Resistex Bioceramic thread claims to reflect far infrared rays generated from your body back to your body to aid with micro-circulation. With that in mind here is my take on the jersey.

A woman wearing a short sleeve, white, full zippered cycling jersey
Pam wearing a Santini Fiery S/S Jersey

Starting with the positives: the jersey is very well designed with stylish stitching and details. The fabric used over most of jersey feels amazing, it is very smooth and pleasant on the skin. On the back and near the underarms are small sections of micromesh fabric which breathes very well. All seams are smooth, with no stitches rubbing. Overall the jersey looks and feels very high-end. The back pockets are large enough to fit my cell phone and some snacks with no problem.

A woman wearing a short sleeved, white cycling jersey, the back side.
Pam wearing a Santini Fiery S/S Jersey

The jersey fit very well in almost every respect. However, the arm holes are too small. I have average-sized biceps, measuring 12 inches. The jersey sleeves are only 9 inches in circumference. The elastic cuts off the circulation in my arms and is uncomfortably tight.

2014-09-07 0811 Santini Fiery Jersey
Santini Fiery S/S cycling jersey
A close-up of the sleeve of a short sleeved Santini cycling jersey
Santini Fiery S/S Jersey

According to the sizing guide on the website, I ordered the appropriate size jersey for the chest measurement (33.5 inches). Unfortunately nowhere does Santini mention that the sleeves are sized so small. I would suggest that you either order another size up (I am unsure of the increase in the sleeve measurement for a medium) or find another jersey.

Recommendation: This jersey is a stylish, high quality garment. Verify that the sleeves will not be too tight before ordering.

Disclaimer: I have not received any compensation for this review. This review is for informational purposes only. I have not been in contact with the manufacturer. However, if they were to send me a size Medium jersey to try, I wouldn’t turn it down!