How Often Should You Shower on Tour?

Floating around the web is a BuzzFeed article about how often you really need to shower: How Often You Really Need to Shower (According to Science).-Rachel Wilkerson Miller January 12, 2015 I read this article and thought, “Yes!” I totally agree! In fact, I’ve already written two articles about this very thing: How to Stay Clean (without a proper shower) While On Bicycle Tour, and Touring Clean vs Home Clean. It’s nice to see that the science backs me up.

On our most recent bicycle tour my tolerance for going to bed without a shower was increased dramatically. When you’re traveling through isolated regions (ok, so New Zealand isn’t really all that isolated, but there were days where we didn’t have access to a shower, so it counts, I swear!) there are sacrifices you make when it comes to cleanliness. Or are there? According to the article, it isn’t really necessary to shower every day, or even every other day. Showers can dry your skin out (especially paired with harsh soaps) and might remove beneficial bacteria from your skin. It’s much more important to change your undergarments daily. And if you’re really grossed out, you can clean your dirty bits (underarms, groin, bottom, and face, hopefully not quite in that order) with a wash cloth.

Speaking of changing undergarments daily, does that mean you should bring a week’s worth of bicycle shorts with you on tour so you can have a fresh pair every day? I think not. During our recent New Zealand tour, I tried a new tactic for undergarments and cycling shorts. Previously, I’ve stayed away from wearing anything under my shorts. I have a tendency to chafe (not fun). But, my husband found these great merino wool boxers for me, and they’ve changed the way I cycle. The wool is soft and comfortable, easily cleaned, and doesn’t develop a smell because it’s a natural fiber. They’re easier to wash out than cycling shorts, don’t irritate my nether regions, and don’t take up much space in my clothing bag. I can get away with two pairs of cycling shorts, and three pairs of underwear.

So, bottom line is: in daily life, and in cycling, showering daily isn’t necessary. You can do it, but it won’t kill you if you don’t.

Gear Review: Mocreo Universal Travel Wall Charger Power Adapter Converter

If you’re planning on making a trip overseas, don’t forget that other countries have different power systems. That’s right! Your power plugs won’t fit into the outlets overseas. And don’t try to force the plug in. Not only is the plug shaped differently, the voltage and frequency are probably different. You will risk damage to your electronics, and possibly cause a fire. So, before you go, you’ll need to get a power adapter/converter.

There are many brands of adapter out there. But we found the Mocreo adapter to be a great option.

Black version of Mocreo Universal power adapter


  • Covers more than 150 countries. You don’t need a new adapter for each tour.
  • Contains two USB ports, so you don’t waste a plug with a USB adapter when charging your electronics.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Safe to use. It has two fuses, and built in safety precautions so only one plug type can be selected at a time.
  • Folds into a square with no protruding parts.


  • It is heavy. Sometimes it would fall out of the wall socket due to weight. It also sticks out far out of the wall. It adds 100 grams of weight to your pack.
  • It is not compact.
  • The white version has a blue glow that may disturb your sleep. I’d recommend the black version.
  • This does not convert the voltage, it just changes the plug. Make sure what you’re plugging in can support the different voltage. Most electronics can, but some can’t. Check before you plug it in.

AC: 6A Max. 100-240Vac 50/60 Hz
USB: 2100 mA Max. +5Vdc

Warning: AC-AC. No voltage conversion. USB is for charge only. Indoor use only. No grounding.

If you’re planning on traveling to many different countries, this adapter will definitely meet your needs.

Disclaimer: All opinions about any products mentioned in this article are my own. I have not been compensated in any way by anyone. I will, however, receive a small commission if you choose to purchase the item from Amazon after clicking the link.